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Owning a timeshare essentially means owning your own holiday home, but just for the weeks a year that you need it. The share works in units of a week and you can own as many weeks as you wish, and you have a title deed for each week.

Many people with holiday homes only use them 2-3 weeks per year, yet have all the overheads of rates, insurance, maintenance etc., plus the security risks of unoccupied premises all year round. The capital involved in owning a holiday home of the luxury standard of Sun Pacific Villas timeshare is of course quite considerable, which is why owning a timeshare is a popular and cost effective option for holiday ownership.

Timeshare means a sharing of the costs on a "per week owned" basis. Full management is provided so that your holidays are truly "walk-in / walk-out" with not a worry for you for the rest of the year.

At Sun Pacific the week runs from Friday 4.00 pm to the next Friday 9.30 am. Servicing of the apartments takes place weekly between 9.30 am and 4.00pm on Fridays.

Just like owning your own holiday home, you can let family or friends use your share weeks instead of you. Alternatively you can rent it out, or you can swap it for a holiday almost anywhere around the world through 7Across and RCI. The RCI and 7Across systems are outlined on a separate page.

Your villa is your holiday home for the time you own it and whether you have 1 person staying or the maximum of 6 people in a two bedroom villa or 4 in a one bedroom villa is up to you, with no per head charges at all.

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